The mission of Children's Grove is to inspire a culture of kindness and to support the mental and emotional

well​-being of our youth

September 19, 2019

Kindness Libraries

​Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Children's Grove Family Fun Series at Ragtag Cinema, Homeward Bound, 10:30 a.m. activities begin, movie at 11 a.m., accompanied children 12 years old and under are free

Business Friends

                With your help, we can continue to GROW Kindness in Boone County

                                         through our education and arts programs by:

 K indling positive behaviors through the creation of Kindness Libraries for kids
 I nspiring kindness by facilitating Kindness Curriculum Workshops for preschool teachers 
etworking with other organizations to build awareness about the mental health challenges our youth face 
edicating Kindness Trees and Butterfly Friendship Benches at schools and businesses  

urturing opportunities for self-realization through arts programs in Columbia/Boone County
ducating youth and adults in Mental Health First Aid
parking a kindness culture in our schools through the Youth Kindness Ambassador program

afeguarding our children by creating a public children’s garden dedicated to the mission of building a culture       where they will thrive

​​​September 21, 2019      

2018 Kindness

Sidewalks ​in

The District


Children's Grove is Growing Kindness in our Community

Volunteer Recruitment Fair, Community Methodist Church​, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

2018 Opening Ceremonies of

Kindness Week

The Kindness Project 


One of the goals of Children’s Grove is to provide artistic opportunities for children and adults, believing that the arts provide an avenue for expressing the inexpressible, and by allowing that expression, our mental and emotional well-being and health are enhanced.

Kindness Changes Everything

​​​Upcoming Events

Past Projects and Events


  ​Congratulations Columbia on being named a Reader's Digest


Kindness Week

2017 Children's Grove Photography Contest

"All in this Together" 

​Children's Grove, through visual reminders throughout Boone County, reminds each of us of the importance of kindness, respect and inclusivity. Our goal is to place a Kindness Tree or Butterfly Bench at every public and private school. We encourage sponsorship toward this goal.   

Preschool Kindness Curriculum