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Kindness Changes Everything

Youth Kindness Ambassadors (YKA) represent an exciting Children’s Grove initiative. Students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to join forces with other students who believe in the power of kindness. They give leadership and support to kindness projects or programs that are particularly suited to their schools and community. A few of the school projects have been:

  • Hosting a resource table so that students can get phone numbers and brochures regarding mental and emotional support in the community
  • Offering kindness cards during lunch shifts for peers to complete with free delivery to students within the building
  • Creating a kindness tree in which students write ideas on leaves about how to spread kindness daily

A few opportunities to assist with Children’s Grove community projects are:

  • Helping with a youth activity table at the Unbound Book Festival in April and Children’s Grove booth at the Columbia Parks & Rec Family Fun Fest in May/June
  • Making presentations or giving speeches about the importance of acts of kindness to the quality of life in our schools and community
  • Meeting with Youth Kindness Ambassadors from other Columbia schools to design community wide kindness projects for which youth themselves can provide leadership. (Some of our community projects have been: reading stories about kindness to pre-school aged youth at the public library, seeking donated items for homeless youth at Rainbow House, raising money and walking together in a Suicide Prevention walk, and selling mental health awareness bracelets to raise money for National Alliance on Mental Illness.)

The “sky is the limit” for ideas if the resources can be identified to support them.  In this regard, Youth Kindness Ambassadors can present ideas to the Children’s Grove Board of Directors for their assistance and financial support. Parent involvement and participation is welcomed! Dream big and Be Kind !


Youth Kindness Ambassadors